Winter Scents for home and business

Winter Scents for home and business

Published by Aemster Journalist on 12th Jan 2022

Pull out a nice outfit, dress up your home, and put on your favorite Aemster playlist... the new year has more than arrived! 

As we have entered 2022, the winter season is almost halfway. The darkest day of the year is already behind us and our interiors could use some fresh changes, and so do we! 

Have you thought about what kind of scent would suit you and your new resolutions in the coming months? 

To help you choose, we have listed our winter favorite scent oils for you. Discover what scent suits you best and enjoy your beautiful scented rooms. 

Cedar Cenote: The keynotes of Cedar Cenote: Fig, Pine, Cedarwood

Key notes cedar cenote

Kelp Forest: The keynotes of Kelp Forest: Pine, Oudh, Cedar

Key notes kelp forest

Santal Solscape: The keynotes of Santal Solscape: Sandalwood, Cardamom, Dry Amber

Grand Gourmand: The keynotes of Grand Gourmand: Bergamot, Lavendel, Tonka

How to scent your space with our scent oils?
Simply add a few drops of our scent oils to your water aroma diffuser, your fragrance oil burner, or add the whole bottle to, our favorite diffuser, your 
Aemster cold air aroma diffuser. Both will give you a fantastic scent experience in your home or business.

Discover the full collection here or request samples to smell them all at your convenience.

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