• Travel to Patagonia with Aemster

    30th Mar 2022

    Travel to Patagonia with Aemster

    Patagonia, also known for its beautiful nature, hikes, glaciers, Argentine culture, and gauchos, you find yourself in another world. The purity and the surroundings of this county give you a powerful…

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  • How Solscape Inspired Us

    15th Mar 2022

    How Solscape Inspired Us

    A scent inspired by a magical place in New Zealand called Solscape. Santal Solscape is a beautiful sandalwood fragrance enriched with keynotes of Amber and Cardamom. The days start fresh and…

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  • Winter Scents for home and business

    12th Jan 2022

    Winter Scents for home and business

    Pull out a nice outfit, dress up your home, and put on your favorite Aemster playlist... the new year has more than arrived! As we have entered 2022, the winter season is almost halfway. The…

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  • A talk with Business Women Nederland

    12th Dec 2021

    A talk with Business Women Nederland

    " The search for a fragrance experience that followed was accompanied by a clear goal; to find the highest quality fragrances and the best way to diffuse them through a space." In this interview,…

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  • Nature inspired home perfumes

    2nd Oct 2021

    Nature inspired home perfumes

    At Aemster, we love nature. Natural interiors, natural colors, and nature-inspired home perfumes. All elements together create a special feeling in our homes. Nature is our greatest source of inspira…

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