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We have paired our best-selling scents to create our bestellers Aemster bundle. The bestsellers set of 4 x 15ml Essential & Aroma oil blends includes Kelp Forest, Ubud Oud, Pepper Palm and Grand Gourmand. 

What's inside?

Kelp Forest is a woody and smoky luxury scent. The smell combines the fresh top notes of bergamot with the woody and essential oils of pine, oudh and cedar. The base consists of sandalwood and patchouli. The bergamot and pine provide fresh top notes and are reminiscent of woody green forests. Kelp forest brings a relaxed atmosphere to the room. 

Ubud Oud is an oriental Oudh scent. The scent has a soapy warm smell and retains its soft leathery-like base at all times. Immerse yourself in this deliciously mysterious scent that will delight you with its unique combination of oriental ingredients. 

Pepper Palm is peppery, spicy yet citrusy. The cardamom in the top notes is distinct from the black pepper and creates a leathery yet refreshing effect. In both summer and winter, this fragrance brings a wealth of scent to your home or business.

Grand Gourmand has a surprising structure that opens with the base of lavender and evolves into the romgie heart of vanilla and tonka facet. In the top note you can smell the bergamot. The fragrance is so beautifully round and warm and gives a pleasant soft surprise to the room due to the many elements and depth found in this perfume.

How to use

Use these beautiful scents in any nebulizing scent diffuser, ultrazone aroma diffuser or fragrance oil burner.

Warranty Information

The bestseller bundle has a 12-month warranty 100% Money Back Guarantee

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