Cold Air Aroma Diffuser


A wonderful fragrance in a home and a company has a great impact on the experience that you and your guests have. Fragrance makes a direct connection with the state of mind and influences the feeling and the experience. Now we all know the traditional ways to provide a space with a fragrance. Think of scented candles, scented sticks, scented sprays, incense, and water diffusers, but the cleanest and most effective way to perfume a room is still often underexposed. We, of Aemster, would like to change this. Because when it comes to scent a room of any size in a sustainable, subtle, and very easy way, cold air diffusion is the very best solution. 


What are cold air aroma diffusers?

Cold air aroma diffusers are innovative scent diffusers that feature a patented technology called 'nebulizing cold air diffusion. Their function is to scent a room. Only a very small amount of scent oil is pressed under high pressure, cold, dry, and 100% pure in ultrafine particles. The result? A consistent, even, and balanced fragrance experience. 


Aemster cold air aroma diffusers

Aemster combines the innovative cold air technology with smart scent diffusion. The Aemster aroma diffusers are equipped with a controllable schedule. By using touch screen buttons and a Bluetooth® app, you can determine the intensity with which the diffuser will scent at any given time. So the diffuser only operates at those moments that you or your guests make use of the scent. Also, you decide how subtle or intense the scent should be at those moments. 


Aemster aroma diffusers are made from the finest and most durable materials and ensure that a room of any size smells wonderful at the touch of a button. 


How does it work? 

1.  Fill the aroma diffuser with Aemster scent oil.
2. Switch on the diffuser, adjust as desired, and enjoy the beautiful scent.


How long does one 120ml bottle of scented oil last? 

Although it is difficult to determine exactly how long you can use 120ml, as this depends on the intensity and frequency of your use, we can give an estimate based on experiences of other customers.

- With intensive use, a 120ml lasts about 3/4 months;
- with moderate use 6/8 months;
- with sporadic use even 1/2 year.

We fully stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee that you will be surprised by the longevity of the 120ml bottle.

Aemster aroma diffusers are the most economical diffusers around. Depending on how often and how intensely you turn the diffuser on, you will need to refill.

The cold air technology is guaranteed to be the cleanest, most sustainable, and most effective way to scent a space. 



• Suitable for any size of room
• Even distribution of scent
• Very economical in the use of scent oil 
• Intensity and timing can be easily set once
Bluetooth® controllable by phone
• 100% pure atomisation 
• Safe, no harmful VOCs and no residues



•  Aemster scent oil for diffusers
•  Power outlet


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