Scent Marketing

Scent marketing

Our beautiful scents and innovative scent solutions enrich any kind of space. Give a special feeling to the environment and improve the customer experience with endless scent possibilities. 

Let's Create Together

We're always exploring new scent possibilities to meet customer demands. We work together to create a unique scent experience and embrace the idea that the customer has in mind. Choose from a wide range of evocative scents or create a signature scent with us.

Why Scent Branding

Evoke Positive Feelings

Use scent for specific purpuses and ensure a delicious smelling environment and a happy visitor at all times. 

Stand Out 

A beautiful fragrance contributes to competitiveness. It adds value to your brand and motivates and reminds customers to return to you. 

Increase Sales

A well-chosen fragrance pulls customers inside. It improves the experience and has positive impact on the cusumer behaviour. 

Traditional Scenting v.s. Aemster Scenting

Innovative, Reliable, Durable,

Traditional Scenting

Automated service

Old school scenting

Unsustainable planet unfriendly

Requires regulary change 

Limited fragrance range

No flexibility

Limited features and local scent

Aemster Scenting

✔ Personal service and care

✔ Innovative cold air scent solutions

✔ Durable and sustainable products

✔ One time installment

✔ Unlimited memorable scents

✔ Smart control 

✔ Safe and wide scent distribution

For Every Kind Of Space







Certified By IFRA

All Aemster fragrances are certified by the highest level of safety and regulatory guidelines, set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)


IFRA was founded in 1973 and has since developed an international code of conduct and safety standards for the fragrance industry. Members of national IFRA member associations may only use fragrances that pose no risk to human health or the environment.