Scent Marketing

Introduction to Scent Marketing

Scent marketing is a relatively new and rapidly growing marketing tool that focuses on using scent to enhance a customer's experience and drive sales. Scent marketing is a unique aspect of the marketing mix that has the power to influence people both consciously and unconsciously. It involves spreading a specific scent in a space to achieve a particular goal, such as enhancing brand identity or stirring emotions. When the target audience is exposed to the appropriate scent appropriately, it can have a significant impact and the advantages of scent marketing are many. Some of the scientifically proven advantages include enhancing brand identity, raising the chances of purchases and improving employee productivity and satisfaction.


These are just some examples of how scent marketing can positively impact your business. It would be a missed opportunity not to utilize the potential advantages of scent marketing as it enhances your brand and sets you apart from your competition.


If you have not yet incorporated scent marketing into your strategy, you have a rare opportunity to improve your marketing approach and drive business expansion. And now even more because many organisations recognize the potential of using scent as a means of creating a cohesive brand identity, alongside elements such as design, music, and lighting.

The Science behind Scent Perception

The sense of smell is one of the most ancient and evolved of our senses, and it is processed in the limbic system of the brain, which is also responsible for emotions and memories. It is estimated that the average adult can identify around 10,000 different smells, and our body continuously generates new receptors to preserve its sensitivity. Additionally, the brain processes smell immediately, bypassing the need for central processing, giving insight into the psychological aspects of smell perception. Understanding the biology of how we perceive smells can be beneficial for various fields, including psychology, neuroscience, and even business. 

The Impact of Scent on Memory and Emotion

Scent marketing has been extensively researched over the years. The results of this research have shown that there are many benefits to using scent marketing. Studies published and discussed by The Harvard Gazette, have shown that we can recall smells with an accuracy of up to 65% even after a year, compared to only 50% for visual memories after just three months. This is thought to be due to the close connection between the olfactory system and the hippocampus, a part of the brain that plays a key role in memory formation and storage. The sense of smell is also closely linked to emotions, which can make certain smells more memorable and easier to recall. 

Key Findings of Scent Marketing Research

One of the key findings of scent marketing research is that consumers judge a store more positively when it has a pleasant scent and are more likely to return to the store. For example, if a pleasant scent is diffused in a space, people's brains focus on the positive aspects of the environment and tend to overlook the negative aspects. This means that the environment doesn't change but the perception of the environment does. A pleasant smell can transform an ordinary clothing store into an exclusive boutique in someone's perception. The products, prices, service, and even fellow shop-goers are more highly valued, and this appreciation can lead to increased sales and revenue.

Evoke positive feelings

Scent may be used for the specific purpuse to ensure a delicious smelling environment resulting in a positive feeling of the customer.

Stand out 

A beautiful fragrance adds value to your brand and motivates customers to return to your business. 

Increase sales

A matching fragrance invites the customer inside, improves the experience and has positive impact on the behaviour. 

How Scent can Transform a Business Perception.

Scent marketing research has also shown that scenting can be used to achieve a wide variety of goals. For example, it can be used to create a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in a store, to make an elderly home more calming and healing for residents, or can reduce stress levels for healthcare professionals. Overall, scent marketing research has shown that scenting can be used to achieve a wide variety of goals and businesses should consider using scent marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Goals may include increasing employee concentration and satisfaction or differentiating from competitors and optimizing the customer experience. 

Different scents for different objectives

YouDifferent scents can elicit distinct physiological and psychological responses, making them suitable for various objectives. For example, if you're looking to energize your audience, scents with citrusy notes like bergamot and orange may be effective. If you're aiming for relaxation and serenity, lavender and vanilla scents may be more appropriate. In terms of brand identity, utilizing a scent that is closely associated with your brand can create a connection in the consumer's mind between the scent and your brand. This association can be triggered later when the customer encounters the scent again. 

We can provide you with many examples of successful scent marketing across a wide range of industries. One example is the case of Nike, which reported that incorporating scent marketing in their stores increased intent to purchase by a whopping 80%. Another example is a gas station that used the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, resulting in a 300% increase in coffee sales. These numbers speak for themselves and show the potential of scent marketing to drive sales and boost business.

Traditional Scenting

Automated service

Old school scenting

Unsustainable planet unfriendly

Requires regulary change 

Limited fragrance range

No flexibility

Limited features and local scent

Aemster Scenting

✔ Personal service and care

✔ Innovative cold air scent solutions

✔ Durable and sustainable products

✔ One time installment

✔ Unlimited memorable scents

✔ Smart control 

✔ Safe and wide scent distribution

How to get started with scent marketing

Creating a unique scent for your brand can add an extra touch of distinction and appeal to customers. Known as a "signature smell," these scents are often used as an ambient aroma in stores to evoke a specific emotion or feeling associated with the brand. We assist big and small companies in successfully incorporating scent marketing and the common thread among these businesses is that they recognize the impact that scent can have on achieving their goals, both internally and externally. They value their image and brand and are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors using scent marketing. If you feel that your company fits this description and you think scent marketing is the key element missing from your marketing plan, you should consider incorporating it.

It's clear that scent marketing has many benefits, but how do you get started? Whether you want to activate your target group, create a pleasant atmosphere, enhance your brand identity, or achieve any other goal, the key is to implement scent marketing correctly.

Professional scent systems

At Aemster, we provide scent systems for both personal and business use. Because our scent devices are app-controlled, they make it easy for you to get started with scent marketing in any kind of space. Our scent systems are suitable for any kind of business and any type of location.

Contact us to learn more

Please let us know if you're curious about scent marketing and want to find out how we have helped other companies in your specific industry with the implementation of scent marketing. We would be happy to provide more information and examples. Feel free to contact us and start to explore powerful scenting solutions for your business.

A clear idea of what you want to achieve

Before we start, it's vital to define a clear idea of what we want to achieve with scent marketing. This is something our scent experts are happy to discuss.

Scent Marketing FAQs

What is scent marketing? 
Scent marketing is the use of a specific fragrance or scent to enhance the customer's experience and create a desired atmosphere in a retail or commercial space.

How does scent marketing work? 
Scent marketing works by creating an emotional and psychological connection with customers through the sense of smell, leading to increased brand loyalty and sales.

What are the benefits of scent marketing? 
Some benefits of scent marketing include increased customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and increased sales.

What types of businesses use scent marketing? 
Scent marketing is used by a variety of businesses and organizations, including stores, hotels, spas, offices, public spaces, and event venues.

How do you choose a scent for scent marketing? 
When choosing a scent for scent marketing, it's important to consider the target audience, the environment, and the desired atmosphere. It's also important to test the scent to ensure it is pleasant and not overpowering.

Can scent marketing be used in other settings besides commercial spaces? 

Yes, scent marketing can be used in a variety of settings including public spaces, airports, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.















Certified By IFRA

All Aemster fragrances are certified by the highest level of safety and regulatory guidelines, set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)


IFRA was founded in 1973 and has since developed an international code of conduct and safety standards for the fragrance industry. Members of national IFRA member associations may only use fragrances that pose no risk to human health or the environment.

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