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Uplifting scents that contribute to the feeling of luxury in the space.

On a mission 

It's our mission to enrich day to day lives and reflect a conscious world living in harmony with nature. 

Conscious and sustainable

People, animals and our planet are at the heart of our brand. All Aemster products are cold-pressed, 100% vegan and sustainably-sourced.

Inspired by the world

Our scents are inspired by nature and made to create positive moods. They help to anchor special moments and will always remember you to dance in your moment. 

Beautifully balanced

• Easily adjust the intensity

• Set fixed times and create schedules

• Control with your phone

plus, enjoy the wide scent range and the very economical use of scent oil.

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What customers have to say about us

"Fantastic product, very happy with our Aemster at home."


Menno Leeuwerink


"It smells great in our office and in our showroom because of the wonderful fragrances. After one week we already received several positive reactions from customers, it's really something completely different than what we have known so far."


Richard Brandt


"Aemster is fantastic! It is indeed a scent experience. Very nice to have in the house."


Brenda Hiebendaal


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