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We provide innovative cold-air scent diffusers and highly concentrated scent oils with a wide scent range. Our products are created to add a unique and luxury fragrance in to your space.


Home fragrance, interior fragrance, aroma diffusers and fragrance oils all have the same goal: consciously adding fragrance to an evironment. And that is a good thing, because whether you want it or not, every room smells like a certain fragrance. Determining the scent for your home or business is therefore something to consider carefully and Aemster can help you with that. Aemster offers products that are specifically designed to scent any room, of any size, in a way that is easy for you. So whether you're looking for fragrance for your home or fragrance for your business, with Aemster you've found the way, with our innovative aroma diffusers and delicious scents.


Our fragrances and diffusers are a very effective way to scent your space. All our diffusers products feature cold air technology. This is an effective and powerful technology that allows the diffuser to disperse the scent oil in ultra-fine tiny particles throughout the room. For both your home and business, this is definitely the fastest way to make rooms smell great. And with the handy settings and the Aemster app, you always determine the intensity and the moment at which the diffuser works, so it only works when you use it, with a very small amount of scent oil. So you have also found a very sustainable product to scent to space. If you want to fragrance a small space, such as a space up to 150m2 or for example a bathroom, then the products for small spaces are for you, if you are a larger company, or if you want to fragrance an area larger than 150m2, then take a look at our fragrance systems for large spaces. If you're not sure where to start or what to choose, please let us advise you, we have the right scent solution for everyone.


At Aemster you have plenty of scent choices, and it's good to know that everything is possible. At Aemster, you can choose from our broad collection of luxury fragrances, or we can work together to create a signature scent, tailored entirely to your needs or your company's needs. 

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