6 December 2021 ~ By Rob Hoogerwerf

 Mademoiselle Coco and the scent of love" about the invention of the perfume Chanel No 5, Michelle Marly 

The Essence, Discovering the world of perfume & Fragrance - Gestalten

Christian Dior Private Collection Parfums - Elisabeth De Feydeau

The mystery of perfume - Rita Schnitzer

The emperor of scent - Chandler Burr

Fragrance the story of perfume from Cleopatra to Chanel - Edwin T. Morris

History of perfume - Frances Kennett

The antiques of perfume - Leslie G. Matthews

The romantic story of scent - John Trueman

Scents of time - Edwin T. Morris 

A history of scent - Roy Genders 

Scent & scent bottles - Edmund Launert 

The art of perfume - Christie Mayer Lefkowith 

Perfume - Lizzie Ostrom

Editions de Parfums - Frederic Malle 

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