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Aemster is accredited by Trusted Shops has the Trusted Shops Badge of Approval. Before was allowed to use and display the Trusted Shops Badge of Approval, we first underwent a legal inspection to check that satisfied the Trusted Shops quality criteria. The online shops that Trusted Shops works with are inspected based on strict national and European legislation, and we also set high standards for the quality of the service and products that we provide.

As a customer or visitor of our website, you can easily see how previous customers have rated us. Customers rate our service with 4.9 stars out of 5. This allows us to continuously optimize our service for you.


Europe's leading trust brand

Webshops with the Trusted Shops Badge of Approval offer a safe and trusted environment because of Trusted Shops Buyer Protection. After you have placed your order, you can very easily have your purchase insured free of charge. Your purchases are insured up to a value of 2,500 euros. The insurance period is 30 days for each purchase. More than 25 million online shoppers use the services of Trusted Shops!

When you purchase from our webshop, you will receive an invitation from Trusted Shops to rate after 7 days. You will also receive buyer protection of €2500,-.

You can find more information about Trusted Shops on their website:


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