Aemster perfumers are artists who express experiences through scent compositions that excite the senses of our customers. They have sharply nuanced senses and a great love for their craft.


We work closely with our "noses" and together determine which scent direction to focus on. The perfumer or nose works based on such information and tries to put himself in our customer's shoes, as it were him or her. He soaks up the described feeling and looks around in all places he or she goes. In restaurants, gyms, hotels, and theatres, he pays close attention to the audience and tries to find a person who might fit the description of our target group. If he feels and sees the type of person, he will start creating a scent profile and based on this profile will start blending and smelling ingredients.

With the use of scales, that indicate the weight of an ingredient to the nearest milligram, and a special type of paper, that absorbs and holds the fragrance oil, the properties of each scent, such as shelf life and fragrance stability, can be accurately determined. After a month or so, he has several "scent sketches" that he presents to the team with some key questions that are in extension of the purpose of the scent.

The scent strips are the best way to assess a fragrance in different situations, as a fragrance will most likely smell differently in every kind of environment. The scent strips can be placed in holders and are always within reach of our team and our perfumers, who also use them for daily testing.

The perfumers know how volatile certain oils are and a strip of single-origin lemon or orange oil, for example, will no longer smell after three days, whereas sandalwood will continue to smell for five months. The trick is to blend the long-lasting ingredients with the volatile ingredients in such a way that one ingredient does not dominate the other, resulting in a smooth delicious scent blend.


When enough people on the team agree that the scent matches the prescribed feeling and purpose of Aemster, the sketches are carefully optimized. These sketches are tested by a larger number of test subjects and are done very precisely. For example, our test subjects are divided into separate rooms so that they cannot influence each other by their reactions and eye patterns.

And good to know is that they are not asked whether they like the scent or not, but whether they would buy it. And if so, where and how they would like to use the fragrance. Based on these reactions, the perfumer works further until the goal seems to have been reached. From the moment he starts working until the scent is on the Aemster shelves, this procedure takes about 1,5/2 years.


Just as a composer creates a symphony of different sounds, our perfumers create beautiful interior scents that give your space a new dimension. Combining raw and natural ingredients with a thorough knowledge of fragrances and their interrelationships, our perfumers have a great imagination and a strong sense of art and aesthetics.

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