Workshop lift your mood - Standing in your power

The workshop

Do you want to feel more energetic? Your behavior can be positively influenced. During this two-hour journey in personal development, Rob takes you into the world of mood. You will learn to use mental techniques that enable you to be in your power at any given moment.

During the workshop, we will look for power-giving resources. The goal is to be able to determine your state of mind, at any moment of the day and also in challenging situations.

In this workshop you will learn:

- How to positively influence your feelings;
- how to transform stress into a relaxed feeling;
- turn irritation into calmness, sluggishness into action, etc;
- be in your power immediately and permanently;
- how to call on resources;
- The latest NLP techniques such as anchoring, report;


NLP is a method in the field of communication and personal development in which subconscious processes are made conscious. It originated in the 1970s by studying successful people and describing their way of coaching in models. These models and techniques can be learned by anyone. NLP is also an attitude in which curiosity and experimental behavior are central: why does one person behave in a completely different way in the same situation than another? How can you influence your behavior or that of another? Why does it click well with one person and not with another? Why is someone successful? And finally, NLP consists of a toolbox full of techniques that help you communicate more effectively, and that provide insight into your behavior and that of the other. 

Rob Hoogerwerf (Apeldoorn, 1977) is a pioneer in the field of personal development and NLP. He is known as an exceptional communicator and extraordinary personal coach. His style is interactive, challenging, fun, deep, intuitive, entertaining, and informative. Rob is an enterprising type, with an eye for opportunities and empathy for others. He is quality-conscious and goal-oriented. As a communicator, he guards processes carefully. Through his experience, he has an affinity with many sectors. Rob is an internationally certified NLP trainer (ITANLP) and has been trained by, among others, the co-founder of NLP Dr. John Grinder, but also by innovators such as Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carrol. He is also an NLP Master Coach and followed the highest available NLP coaching training in the Netherlands. This course is accredited as such by the NVNLP, ABNLP, VIV Nederland as well as the NOBCO. Rob has earned his spurs in the business world. He studied Management, Economics, and Law (MER) in Amsterdam and has worked for (inter)national organizations such as L'Oréal, Sysmex, and Vendex KBB at both operational and management levels. After his career in various marketing and sales positions as Area Manager in the cosmetics industry, National Account Manager in the chemical industry, and Sales Director in the Design & Gift industry, Rob decided to specialize in the field of personal and business development and became active as a trainer and coach. In his spare time, he can be found at the fitness school, in the woods, and sometimes on the tennis court. He loves nature, traveling, and reading. Friends, family, and Lola the dog are very important to him. Rob is also the founder of Aemster.

- Everything in this workshop is aimed at active application in practice.
- For whom? For everyone who wants to learn how to make your life more enjoyable.
- Own contribution: 20 euro 

As soon as we have more specific information, you can find it here on our website. 

Please note: We have a maximum of 12 places for this workshop. 

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