Aemster Home Perfume and Aroma Diffusers


Aemster was born out of a great desire for beautiful scented spaces. The founders of our brand experienced first-hand what a fragrance in a hotel can do and discovered a method to spread fragrance throughout a room in a sustainable, reliable, and effective way. The method, called cold air diffusion, means that a pure fragrance oil is diffused through the room under high pressure, without heating, mixing, or burning, and is allowed to flow in ultrafine particles on the natural airflow.

' If you ask us, subtle and elegant are the right words when it comes to scent a space. The fragrance should create an inviting and pleasant feeling but not be overwhelming. '


Aemster essential and aroma oil blends are made from pure essential oils and aroma oils. By using the combination of uniquely formulated blends, the planet, your health, and the ultimate fragrance experience are at the forefront.

The biggest advantages of Aemster's cold air Scent Diffusers:

1. The very economical consumption of the diffuser. 
Based on 8 hours of usage per day, the diffuser will use approximately 120ml in 214 days. If you only use the diffuser in the morning and the evening, for example, you can assume that you will be using it 4 hours a day and that a 120ml bottle will last you 428 days.

2. The wide range of fragrances throughout the room. 
Due to the pure cold mist, the mist is weightless without mixing water and spreads the fragrance into large spaces.

3. The experience of the delicious French fragrances. 
Due to the ultra-fine and unmixed atomization, the scent smells exactly as the perfumer intended. 

4. The diffuser can be controlled with the Aemster app and can be adjusted completely to your wishes. It will only work when you want it to. So, for example, you can always come home to a wonderfully smelling house.

Did you know that scent influences 75% of our daily mood, desires, and emotions? With this, the experience you have in a space can be controlled by smell. 


1. Scent your home with the Haevn, the cold air Aroma Diffuser, and the matching Aemster scent oil. 
No matter how you live, any type of room can be scented with the Haevn Aroma Diffuser from Aemster thanks to the intelligent settings.

2. Add the Aemster scents oil to your ultrasonic water/air diffuser. You only need to add a single drop to the water for a fine fragrance experience in the room. 

- The scent is mixed with water and smells different than intended by the perfumer. 
- Because the moisture particles are heavy, they will fall around the diffuser making the scent experience localized. 
- It can become wet around the diffuser - The diffuser needs to be refilled with water after a few hours

3. Add the Aemster scent oil to your fragrance oil burner. Again, you only need to add a single drop to experience the scent. 
- Heating/burning takes place which alters the scent - The scent experience is local - The oil burner needs to be refilled with water regularly


Scent marketing is in many companies, like hotels and restaurants, as part of their brand identity. Especially in a time when it is getting harder and harder to distinguish yourself from your competitors, you have to make sure your brand is emotional and memorable. At Aemster we, therefore, recommend thinking about your brand in a new way by considering how scent can play a part in making a powerful impression on your customers and we would be happy to help you with that.

' The combination of the cold air Aroma Diffuser and the high-quality fragrances gives the customer the very best fragrance experience in the home and a business.'


The Aemster scent collection covers all scent families. This means that we have a few favorites for everyone. For example, if you like woody fragrances, then we recommend fragrances with sandalwood, oud, cedarwood, and patchouli such as Santal Solscape, Namtib Neroli, and Ubud Oud. If you prefer floral or citrus scents, then we recommend those with bergamot, rose, lemon, and orange blossoms, such as Floral Fiordland, Jasmin Journey, and Lemon Lagunas. Check out Grand Gourmand and Vanilla Valley if you like warm and rounded scents.


Choosing a fragrance online can be a challenge. That's why we offer scent sample sachets of all our fragrances. Order them online and smell them at your convenience to help you decide which fragrance suits you best. The purchase price of the sample sachets is refunded as a discount on your next order, so in the end, the scent sample sachets are free.

Whether you are looking for a suitable fragrance for your home, your business, or an entire building, at Aemster we can make any type of space smell good.

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