Aroma diffusers safe for pets & family

Aroma diffusers safe for pets & family

Published by Aemster Journalist on 21st Aug 2023

We received some questions about using a nebulizing aroma diffusers when you have pets, so let us tell you a little more! 

Are Aemster fragrances *safe for pets? Absolutely. All of our fragrances are completely harmless to your beloved pets. 

Since animals have a stronger sense of smell, this is a very logical question that arises in many people's minds. We all love our animals and do not want to put them in danger under any circumstances. We can reassure you that our fragrances have been developed to be safely diffused in a home or business for both, families and pets. All products are certified by the international fragrance association (IFRA) and we meet all standards for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inhalation safety. We guarantee that all of our fragrances only contain harmless ingredients. So we've already thought of that for you and your pet :). 

Good to know: Just like humans, animals also have their own likes and dislikes about scents, so we recommend introducing new scents little by little and observing your pet's reaction. This way you can be sure that the scent will also be liked by your trusty pet. 

Our products are never tested, and will never be tested on animals. 

Please note that there are always people or animals with certain allergies, so please keep that in mind when diffusing a new fragrance.

*Safe to diffuse. Scent oil is no food. 

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