FAQ Aemster Essential & Aroma oil blends


Aemster Essential & Aroma oil blends

Can I easily change scents in my Nebulizing Aroma Diffuser? 
Yes, you can change perfumes/scents very easily. If the inner blue bottle is empty, simply clean it with a bit of water or cleaning alcohol. Then refill the bottle with your new scent and start scenting. 

I want to change scents but the inner blue bottle is still filled with scent. How can I change scents frequently? 
By simply ordering an additional empty blue inner bottle from our accessories. You now only need to change the bottle and you put the other bottle of scent aside for the time being.

What size of scent bottle should I order for my Haevn diffuser? 
You can order all three sizes, the 15ml, 120ml or 500ml, because you pour the perfume into the designated bottle of the Haevn diffuser. The Haevn will diffuse regardless of the amount of perfume you put in the diffuser up to a maximum capacity of 120ml. So if you were to order a 500ml bottle, you would pour 120ml into the Haevn diffuser and leave the remaining 380ml in the perfume bottle it came in.

What if I don't know which scent to choose? 
Please contact us and we will be happy to help you choose or order the sample bags of the perfumes and smell them at your leisure. You will get the purchase price of the sample bags refunded on the final purchase of the perfume.

Where are the scents made?
All scents are made in the European union and bottled in The Netherlands. 

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