FAQ Aemster Nebulizing Aroma Diffusers


Aemster Cold air Aroma Diffusers 

What is the difference between an ultrasone (water) diffuser and Aemster cold air aroma diffusers?

The difference is that Aemster cold air aroma diffusers spread the perfume/scent oil purely, without mixing any other liquids or water. This makes the atomization very fine, dry, and powerful. Because of this very fine atomization, the scent oil is very light-weighted and is distributed subtly and evenly throughout the room. 

Where can I find the Haevn Aroma Diffuser manual?

Download the English manual

Download the Dutch manual

Can I easily change the scents in my Aroma Diffuser? 

Yes, you can. There are 2 ways to change scents.

1. add a spare inner bottle to your order and keep it aside for when you want to change scents. Simply remove the current inner bottle from the diffuser and replace it with a new one. 

2. keep the original bottle of the scent you bought and pour the scent oil back into the original bottle. Clean the inner bottle with Aemster diffuser cleaner or some water and pour the new scent into the inner bottle. 

I forgot the password of my diffuser, what now? 

Please try the password 8888, if it doesn't work, hold the power button for 8 seconds. The diffuser will now reset its settings to default and you can log in with the code 8888. 

Can I customize the settings of the diffuser?

Yes, you can easily create schedules, adjust the intensity and the moment with the Aemster app, and set your desired settings. Here's how. 

Can I use my Aemster scents in any Ultrazone Aroma Diffuser?

Yes, you can. Simply add a few drops. 

With how many phones can I control my Haevn diffuser?

You can control the Haevn diffuser with as many phones as you want. However, one phone works at a time. If you want to connect another phone, press the power button once and connect the desired phone.

Which phones are compatible with the Aemster app?

The Aemster app is compatible with Android phones from Android 6 and iPhones from iOS 12 (iPhone 5S and up).

Where do I download the Aemster App, with which I can control the Haevn Bluetooth® aroma diffuser?

The Aemster app can be easily downloaded for free in the APPLE App Store and the GOOGLE Play Store.

What is the name of the app I need to download?

The app is available for IOS and Android devices and is called AEMSTER.

Can I set my nebulizer to fixed times?

Yes, you can. You can add up to 5 working periods.

Is the Aemster way of nebulizing sustainable?

Yes, very sustainable. Only a very small amount of perfume is atomized at a time, so you can use the amount of perfume for a long time and there is no residue.

What material is the Haevn made of?

The Haevn Aroma Diffuser consists mainly of recycled aluminum and only a very small amount of plastic is required for the development of the inner casing.

It looks like there are scratches on the base of my diffuser. 

There is a layer of film placed over the base of the diffuser, which you can take off.


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