FAQ Aemster Nebulizing Aroma Diffusers

Welcome to the frequently asked questions page about Aemster scent diffusers. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about our scent diffusers and patented cold air technology.

About Aemster scent diffusers

Question: What is a scent diffuser?

Answer: A scent diffuser is a device that diffuses essential oils and fragrances into the air, creating a pleasant smell.

Question: How do Aemster scent diffusers work?

Answer: Our scent diffusers work by nebulisation, breaking down our scent oils into a fine dry mist that leaves no residue. The oil is then dispersed under high air pressure. Our scent diffusers are equipped with adjustable intensity, so you have full control over the scent diffusion process and can decide when and with what intensity you want to smell the fragrance.

About Cold Air Technology

Question: What is cold air technology?

Answer: Cold air technology is a safe and clean way to diffuse 100% pure essential and aromatic oils into the air. The technology uses only air to disperse fragrances under high pressure from the diffuser in an ultra dry micro mist, without using heat, water or evaporation.

Unique Features of Aemster's Scent Diffusers

Question: What makes Aemster's scent diffusers unique?

Answer: Our scent diffusers are designed with patented cold air nebulising technology, which preserves the integrity of our scent oils to ensure the highest quality fragrance experience. Moreover, our diffusers are equipped with the technology that allows you to easily set when you want to smell the fragrance and with what intensity. Also, our scent diffusers are extremely economical in the use of scent oils and we have a scent diffuser for any type of room, large or small.

Patented Cold Air Nebulising Technology

  • Aemster's scent diffusers are designed with patented cold air nebulising technology. This technology preserves the integrity of the scent oils to ensure the highest quality fragrance experience. Unlike traditional diffusers that use heat, water, or evaporation, Aemster's diffusers use only air to disperse fragrances under high pressure in an ultra-dry micro mist.

Customizable Fragrance Experience

  • One of the unique features of Aemster's scent diffusers is the ability to customize the fragrance experience. The diffusers are equipped with technology that allows you to easily set when you want to smell the fragrance and with what intensity. This ensures that you can enjoy the fragrance at the time and intensity of your choosing.

Economical Use of Scent Oils

  • Aemster's scent diffusers are also known for their economical use of scent oils. The diffusers are designed to use scent oils efficiently, ensuring that you get the most out of each bottle. This helps to reduce the cost of maintaining the diffuser and ensures that you can enjoy the fragrance for longer.

Diffusers for Any Room

  • Aemster offers a variety of diffusers for different room sizes, ensuring that there is a diffuser for every room. Whether you need a diffuser for a small bedroom or a large living room, Aemster has you covered. The diffusers are designed to be effective in any space, ensuring that you can enjoy the fragrance no matter where you are in the room.

Question: can I use any type of essential oil in Aemster scent diffusers?

Answer: our scent diffusers are compatible with 100% pure essential & aroma oils, including those from Aemster. 

It is important to note that the viscosity of our scent oils are specially made for use in our cold air diffusers and will therefore spread well. Fragrance oils from other brands can be used in our diffusers, but we cannot guarantee that every specific fragrance oil is suitable and that the diffuser will perform well. This is because if the oil is too thick, the diffuser has to work much harder and if the oil is too thin, the diffuser will not evaporate well. 

There are many different types of oils with different viscosity (thickness) and some even contain alcohol. In addition, there are oils that are suitable for fragrance sticks or for a room spray, but not for a cold air diffuser.

Therefore, we recommend using only scent oils made specifically for cold air diffusers. This way, you can be sure that the fragrance will be diffused effectively and safely, and that your diffuser will last. 

Question: What is the scent range of the Aemster scent diffusers?

Answer: Our scent diffusers have different scent ranges from 10m2 to 1600m2, depending on the model. Wally (up to 50m2), Nyra (up to 80m2), Haevn (up to 150m2), Bold (up to 300m3), Lobby (up to 600m2), Echo (up to 900m2), Scent Master Single (up to 1000m2), Scent Master Duo (up to 1600m2). 

Question: Can I use Aemster scent diffusers for HVAC systems?

Answer: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Yes, the Scent Master Single, Scent Master Duo and Echo are designed for HVAC systems, so you can connect them to your HVAC system for consistent scent dispersion.

Question: Do I have a warranty on my Aemster scent diffuser? 

Answer: Yes, we offer a 2-year warranty on all our scent diffusers. Should anything go wrong with your device within this period, please feel free to contact us and we will solve the problem for you.

Question: Where can I buy the scent oils for my Aemster scent diffuser?

Answer: You can buy the scent oils for your Aemster scent diffuser directly on our website, under the "scent oils" tab. We offer a wide range of fragrances to choose from, including some of our most popular fragrances such as Namtib Neroli, Pepper Palm and Kelp Forest. 

Question: How long do scent oils last in my Aemster diffuser?

Answer: How long our scent oils last in the diffuser depends on the diffuser and its use and intensity. Generally, our scent oils last from 3 to 15 months in a diffuser. 

Question: Is it safe to use Aemster scent diffusers near children and pets?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use our scent diffusers near children and pets. Our scent diffusers use cold air technology, so no heat or water is used. Moreover, our scent oils are 100% natural and safe for humans and animals. Keep the scent diffuser out of the reach of children and keep in mind that some pets can be more sensitive to scents than others.

Question: Are Aemster scent diffusers suitable for commercial use?

Answer: Yes, our scent diffusers are suitable for commercial use. We have several models suitable for large spaces such as shops, hotels and restaurants, and our Echo, Scent Master Single and Scent Master Duo are specially designed for use with HVAC systems and can scent entire rooms at once. The other diffusers are stand-alone models and can be set down or, like Wally and Nyra, attached to the wall. 

Question: How can I clean my Aemster scent diffuser?

Answer: To clean your scent diffuser, we recommend you first switch it off and unplug it. Then remove the diffuser bottle and fill it with Aemster scent diffuser. Then turn on the diffuser for a few minutes. Then remove the diffuser cleaner again and fill it with your favourite scent. 

Question: Does Aemster offer international shipping?

Answer: Yes, we offer international shipping to most countries. For more information on availability and shipping costs to your country, please contact us via our website. 

We hope that with these frequently asked questions we have answered your questions about our scent diffusers and cold air technology. If you have any other questions, you can always contact us via our website or social media channels.

Other questions: 

About the Aemster app

I forgot the password of my diffuser, what now? 

Please try the password 8888, if it doesn't work, reset the diffuser. The diffuser will now reset its settings to default and you can log in with the code 8888. 

With how many phones can I control my diffuser?

You can control your diffuser with as many phones as you want. However, one phone works at a time. If you want to connect another phone, press the power button once and connect the desired phone.

Which phones are compatible with the Aemster app?

The Aemster app is compatible with Android phones from Android 6 and iPhones from iOS 12 (iPhone 5S and up).

Where do I download the Aemster App, with which I can control the scent diffuser?

The Aemster app can be easily downloaded for free in the APPLE App Store and the GOOGLE Play Store.

What is the name of the app I need to download?

The app is available for IOS and Android devices and is called AEMSTER.


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