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The Lobby scent diffuser from Aemster is the ultimate solution for scenting large spaces of up to 500m2. With nebulizing cold air technology, the Lobby ensures that your space is evenly and subtly scented, creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. You can easily control the settings through the Aemster app or by manual control at the panel of the diffuser. You're able to adjust the intensity to your preference. The Lobby will leave your space smelling fresh and inviting. Optimize the ambiance of your space with the Lobby scent diffuser and transform the surroundings into a delightful sensory experience.


Whereas this technology was previously only available in HVAC air systems, the Lobby now brings waterless technology to your business of any size. This moveable high-tech model is easy to set up and can be adjusted with the Aemster App. The app is available in the Apple Store and the Google play store. As the intensity and the moment at which the Lobby diffuses the scent can be adjusted, you and your customers enjoy the perfect scent, always.

  • Fragrance range: 100m2 - 500m2 (2000m3)
  • Sound: Soft air-blowing sound during diffusion.
  • Technology: Cold air nebulizing technology;100% pure, dry, cold and sustainable. Leaving no residue.
  • Maximum capacity of 1L (1000ml) of scent oil
  • Key lock included: Use the key to open and close the diffuser and manage your scent
  • Aemster App: The Aemster app is available in the Apple and Google play store.
  • Size: 65cm"H x 15cm"W 


  • 100ml - 1000ml Essential & Aroma oil blend (scent oil) for diffusers (not included)
  • Electrical outlet


Aemster professional diffusers come with a 6-years warranty. Please note: The use of other brands of oils may cause clogging or other problems which will void your warranty. Please use our specially formulated scent oils for optimal performance of Aemster diffusers.


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