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Into the Woods - a bundle of 4 x 15ml Essential & Aroma oil blends includes Namtib Neroli, Pepper Palm, Kelp Forest, and Santal Solscape. These scents are made with the highest quality ingredients and will give a variety of uplifting moods to your environment. 

What's inside?

Into the Woods - bundle contains 4 bottles of 15ml scents: 

Namtib Neroli is a woody, floral scent. The smell opens with top notes of Neroli and has a heart of floral jasmine, heliotrope, rose, and violet. A hint of Nutmeg and Clove find their way into the floral aspects of the perfume and the strong base consists of Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Patchouli. Finally, the softness of the smell will welcome you and warm you through the scent of musk and vanilla. A wonderful addition to any kind of space.

Pepper Palm

Kelp Forest 


Santal Solscape is a delicious sandalwood scent. The smell is made up of a variety of woods with which sandalwood has a clear predominance in this beautiful scent. The cardamom and amber make the fragrance soft yet accessible and will be an enrichment to many.

How to use

Use these scents in any nebulizing scent diffuser, ultra zone aroma diffuser, or fragrance oil burner.





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