The Name Aemster

Aemster owes its name to "Amsterdam", the city in which the brand originated.

The city where many find their way. In which people long for the unknown. Both in the colorful light and the colorful darkness, a glimpse of "new" is what is pursued here. Notice here, a strong dispersion of uniqueness. Yes, the street scene is all about expression and uniqueness. Styles and identities become one here, and we embrace this blend, precisely this blend. Everyone is unique and we take that for granted at Aemster.  

Was Amsterdam named after a dam in the river Amstel?

Most tourist guides say that Amsterdam developed around a dam built in the river Amstel around 1270 AD and that this dam which was located at present-day Dam Square — gave the city its name.

But historians say that decades earlier the small settlement in the Amstel delta was already known as ‘Amestelledamme,’ or ‘Amstelredam’ (later, ‘Aemsterdam’ and later still ‘Amsterdam’).

The trading post was home to farmers, fishermen, traders, and craftsmen who, around 1220, settled along a dike built to protect the low lands against the floodwaters of the Zuiderzee (South Sea).

Aem or aeme was Old Frisian for ‘river’ or ‘river delta.’ ‘Stelle’ is of Frankish origin and meant ‘(suitable) place to stay ‘ or ‘settlement’ and ‘ster’ indicated the people living in such a place. ‘Dam’ is, well, ‘dam’ or ‘dike.’

Hence the name ‘Aemsterdam’ literally meant ‘people who have settled at the dike along the river.’

In various histories of Amsterdam and its surroundings, you’ll find such names as Aemstelle, Aemestelle, Amestelle, and Aemster either used as synonyms for one place or another or indicating separate communities. Apparently, the river itself derived its name from these settlements, rather than the other way around.


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