Types of essential oil diffusers

This guide will help you choose the perfect essential oil diffuser.

With an essential oil diffuser, you can diffuse essential oils, also known as fragrance oils or scent oils, and create a fantastic scent in your environment. There are three different types of diffusers that can diffuse essential oils. 

Three types of essential oil diffusers 

Each diffuser has its qualities and unique method. To help you determine which diffuser is most suitable for your purposes, we have listed the functioning, advantages, and disadvantages of each of the following diffusers:

1. Cold air scent diffuser
2. Ultrasonic diffuser
3. Fragrance oil burner

Please read on to find out all you need to know about these diffusers before purchasing one.

What is a cold air scent diffuser, also called a nebulizer? 


A cold air scent diffuser breaks the essential oil down into fine particles that are dispersed through the air under high pressure, cold, dry and pure in a fine mist. The essential oil remains intact, and the composition of the scent does not change, so the fragrance of the essential oil always smells as intended. Cold air scent diffusers are innovative diffusers and are widely used in homes and businesses to easily create the optimum scent experience.

Advantages of a cold air scent diffuser:

✓ you can set the desired intensity and fixed moments with a handy app
✓ can be connected to HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning)
✓ is also suitable for large surfaces
✓ after filling the diffuser with essential oil, the content will last for months
✓ does not use heat or water but spreads the pure oil in the air for the optimal experience 
✓ the diffuser is very economical in the use of essential oils

Disadvantages of a cold air scent diffuser:

✓ these are often more expensive diffusers because they are made of durable materials and have innovative controls with an app and timer.

Aemster has a model for every type of room and an application with which the diffuser can be controlled by a handy app. You can decide at what time and intensity you want the fragrance experience.

What is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser?ultrasone-essential-oil-diffuser-.jpg

This type of diffuser uses water and electronic vibrations to create a moist mist of the essential oil mixed with water. Ultrasonic vibrations are created by a small disc below the surface of the water that vibrates to mix the essential oil with water and blow it into the air like a wet mist.

Advantages of an ultrasonic diffuser:

✓ this diffuser can also act as a humidifier, a handy feature if you are in a drier climate
✓ these diffusers have an accessible purchase price

Disadvantages of an ultrasonic diffuser:

✓ only a small part of the mist is an essential oil
✓ you will have to refill the diffuser after a few hours
✓ if you already live in a humid place, you may not want to add more water to the air with your diffuser
✓ the diffuser leaves a wet residue
✓ the scent is spread locally

What is a scented oil burner?fragrance-oil-burner-for-essential-oils.jpg

An oil burner contains a waxing light with a tray above it. The tray is filled with water and a few drops of fragrance oil and is heated from the bottom. This creates a heating effect which results in the diffusion of the fragrance.

Advantages of an oil burner:

✓ the burners are the most inexpensive variety

Disadvantages of an ultrasonic diffuser:

✓ as a result of combustion, the scent changes 
✓ only a minuscule part of the mist is essential oil. 
✓ the smell is spread very locally, often not more than a few meters
✓ you will have to refill the tray with water and essential oils very often

Whichever essential oil diffuser you choose, the scents of the essential oils will benefit your overall mood and will help you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, whether in your home or your business.

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