Nature inspired home perfumes

Nature inspired home perfumes

Published by Aemster Journalist on 2nd Oct 2021

At Aemster, we love nature. Natural interiors, natural colors, and nature-inspired home perfumes. All elements together create a special feeling in our homes. Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and we love to celebrate nature with you through our perfumes. Read below how two home perfumes are celebrating magnificent world wonders. 

Green, woody, and fresh as the home perfume of Cedar Cenote

Cedar Cenote home perfume for aroma diffusers is 100% inspired by the exotic nature of Mexico. The perfume brings the smells of a beautiful hollow cenote into your space. A space filled with dark blue water and floating leaves of everything that smells good. Please let this home perfume open your mind to wonder these magnificent world wonders. As a base, you may think of soft vanilla leaves on a mossy bed, floating on the water's surface, inviting you to take a refreshing dip.

Leathery, Oudh, and fresh top notes of bergamot, let us introduce you to the home perfume of Kelp Forest

With a base consisting of sandalwood and patchouli, the undersea forests, called Kelp Forest, come to life in your home or business. Kelp forest brings a relaxed atmosphere and is full of woody enrichments such as Cedar, Sandalwood. The home perfume has the smokiness of patchouli and the freshness of Lemons. Let the smell inspire you to dive into the habitat of many magical undersea creatures about which much is still unknown. They move with the flow of the water and dance to the rhythm of the planet. 

Both home perfumes are for use in Aemster nebulizing aroma diffusers, other cold air aroma diffusers, and ultra zone aroma diffusers.

For an overview of ingredients and their origin, please visit this page.  

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