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The best way to scent your environment

The Haevn black is a high-quality aroma diffuser, also known as scent diffuser, for a durable fragrance experience in any environment of any size. Haevn's nebulizing cold-air technology dispenses the scent throughout the space in ultra-fine, dry little particles. This results in a consistent, even, and perfectly balanced scent in your environment.


Adjust settings 1-10 for small to large-sized rooms up to 150m2
Control with your phone via Bluetooth and create schedules 
No fade, retains the quality of the scent

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The Haevn Black cold air nebulizing diffuser will provide you with an amazing scent in your space. Due to it's cold air nebulizing technology, the scent will evolve quickly and diffuse throughout your space quickly. The Haevn Black has a beautiful deep black matte color and is made of recycled aluminum. Thanks to the choice of this durable material, the aroma diffuser has a luxurious appearance and a long life cycle. The diffuser comes with an empty bottle, into which you can pour the Aemster scent oil. The scent oil is not included. 


  • The technology uses pure air instead of heat or water to diffuse the scent
  • Allows easy set up of intensity and 24/7 timer as desired by a user
  • Safe, No harmful VOCs, and no Residues
  • Diffuses 100% pure Essential & Aroma oils (scent oils)
  • No scent hot spots. Creates even scented spaces 
  • Made out of durable materials


  • min. 15 - max. 120ml Aemster Scent oil for diffusers - not included. 
  • Electrical outlet


  • Color: Black
  • Coverage: 10 -150 m2
  • Dimension: Φ112 x 297mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (Aemster smart app)
  • Materials: Aluminum + Plastic
  • Consumption: Approx. 0.5 ml/hour
  • Power: 110–240V AC
  • Weight: 1.2kg

Aemster scent technology for a perfectly balanced scent. 


Aemster diffusers come with a 24-month warranty. Please note: The use of other brands of oils may cause clogging or other problems which will void your warranty. Please use our specially formulated scent oils for optimal performance of Aemster diffusers.




Fragrance range up to 150m2
Soft nebulizing tone during diffusion
Create up to 5 different schedules
Select up to 10 grades to increase/decrease intensity
Maximum capacity of 120ml scent (oil not included)
Aemster App available for Android and IOS

Product Size 12cm"W x 30cm"H
Made out of recycled aluminum

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