Scent Master Duo - (HVAC) Scent system

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Scent machine

The scent master duo is our most powerful revolutionary scent machine for businesses. The scent machine features a nebulizing cold air diffusion technique which is connected to the air handling system or climate control (HVAC) and ensures a subtle and equal distribution of the fragrance throughout the building.

Cold air technology

The scent master duo brings the ultimate scent experience to your business, your staff, and your customers and can be set to the desired intensity and atomization duration. The desired Aemster scent oil is diffused in its purest form and retains its quality, always. The scent master duo is a very sustainable scent machine, due to the cold air technology. Leaving no heat, no water, no residue. 

Fragrance range
1600m2 (5000m3)

Silent due to the connection to the air handling system. 

The Aemster definition of nebulizing
The perfume is blown into the building through the air handling system via a cold air press, 100% pure, dry and sustainable. Leaving no residue.

Maximum capacity of 5L (5000ml), divided into two tanks of 2,5L

Main housing: 15cm"H x 26cm"W

Tank: 32cm"H x 17cm"W

Warranty Information

24 months warranty

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