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Scent machine

At Aemster, we understand the importance of creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in a business or office space. That's why we are proud to offer the Master duo, a highly effective and versatile solution for delivering the therapeutic and aromatic benefits of scent oils. This innovative device utilizes a nebulizing technology that atomizes the oils into a fine mist, preserving their original composition and allowing for a consistent and subtle scent.

The Master duo can be easily integrated into an existing HVAC system (HVAC stands for "heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.”) or used as a standalone unit when plugged into an outlet, making it a valuable addition to any space. Its adaptability and effectiveness make it the premier choice for aroma diffusion among our offerings.

Overall, the Master diffuser is a reliable and effective tool for creating a welcoming environment in any business or office space.

Cold air technology

Enhance the atmosphere of your business with the Master Duo, the ultimate scent machine that delivers a top-quality fragrance experience to your staff and customers. This innovative device features adjustable intensity and atomization duration settings to customize the scent experience to your preferences. The Aemster scent oils used in the Master Duo are diffused in their purest form, preserving their quality and therapeutic benefits. Additionally, the Master Duo is a sustainable choice, utilizing cold air technology that generates no heat, water, or residue.

Upgrade your business's scent experience with the reliable and effective Master Duo.

Fragrance range
1600m2 (5000m3)

Silent due to the connection to the air handling system. 

The Aemster definition of nebulizing
The perfume is blown into the building through the air handling system via a cold air press, 100% pure, dry and sustainable. Leaving no residue.

Maximum capacity of 5L (5000ml), divided into two tanks of 2,5L

Main housing: 15cm" H x 26cm" W

Tank: 32cm"H x 17cm"W


Aemster professional diffusers come with a 6-years warranty. Please note: The use of other brands of oils may cause clogging or other problems which will void your warranty. Please use our specially formulated scent oils for optimal performance of Aemster diffusers.

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