Namtib Neroli & Ubud Oud Bundle (240ml) - Scent oil

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Be mesmerised by the delicious scent of our Namtib Neroli and Ubud Oud Scent Bundle, featuring two highly concentrated 120ml formulas, with each drop releasing a wide scent range. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of complex woody scents.


Namtib Neroli enchants with a woody bouquet that blossoms into a floral heart of jasmine, heliotrope, rose and violet, enriched with the subtle richness of nutmeg and clove, and grounded in a powerful base of amber, musk, vetiver and patchouli.


Our Ubud Oud scent envelops you in a comforting and empowering embrace. This scent, with its soft Oudh base, transports you to a magical place, tantalising your senses with its unique combination of woody notes, including Patchouli, Oudh and Sandalwood.

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This bundle includes a total of two 120ml bottles of essential and aroma oils: one 120 bottle of Namtib Neroli and one 120ml bottle of Ubud Oud. Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, these luxurious scents will transform any space into a woody oasis, adding a touch of elegance and elevating the ambiance with a variety of uplifting moods.


Namtib Neroli & Ubud Oud scent - scent oil bundle contains two bottles of 120ml scents: 

  • Namtib Neroli is a floral and woody fragrance which stands for elegance and comfort. The fragrance consists of soft Neroli, which blossoms into a floral heart of Jasmine, Heliotrope, Rose and Violet. Namtib Neroli is enhanced by the subtle richness of Nutmeg and Clove and has a powerful base of Amber, Musk, Vetiver and Patchouli. Furthermore, the scent is warmed by creamy Rum and Tonka heart and offers comfort, luxury and hospitality.
  • Ubud Oud Our woody Ubud Oud scent brings you the mood of comfort and strength. The scent has soft Oudh base and transports you to your magical place. Immerse yourself in this deliciously mysterious scent that will delight you with its unique combination of beautiful woody ingredients like Patchouli, Oudh and Sandalwood.


  • Made in France.
  • Suitable for all types of diffusers.
  • Powerful formulation for a luxury ambiance.
  • Leaves the environment feeling luxurious, welcoming and clean. 
  • Highly concentrated formula, with each drop releasing a wide scent range. 


Use these 120ml scents in any nebulizing scent diffuser, aroma diffuser, ultra zone aroma diffuser, scent stone. 

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