Vanilla Valley & Sedona Spice Bundle (240ml) - Scent oil

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This set of 2 x 120ml Essential & Aroma oil blends includes Vanilla Valley & Sedona Spice oils. These scents are made with the highest quality ingredients and will give a variety of uplifting moods for a woody environment. 

The set contains 2 bottles of 120ml scents: 

Vanilla Valley is a creamy vanilla scent oil. The scent features a unique combination of fruity top notes and a warm heart of vanilla and caramel. The top notes of black currant and kiwi and the heart of delicious full-bodied ingredients also feature coconut. The base of jasmine creates a round, fresh and warm scent that is very inviting to every space.

Sedona Spice is a powdery and spicy scent oil. In the fragrance of Sedona Spice, citrus and ginger emerge first and will then follow with a powdery glow through the warm deep base of patchouli. In turn, the vanilla and myrrh provide a lovely soft, powdery origin that gives the fragrance luxury and confidence.


Vanilla Valley & Sedona Spice have a 12-month warranty

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