​The secret behind fantastic hotel scents

​The secret behind fantastic hotel scents

Published by Aemster Journalist on 28th Oct 2022

Many of us have had the pleasure of a fantastic hotel experience. A hotel where everything is great. Great ambience, great staff, great interior design but most of all, a fantastic scent. How do they do that? And where can we get such products for our homes?

Let's dive into the world of hotel scents
Arrived at destination, for you, at a still unknown place in the world. You check in at the beautiful front desk of the resort and receive the key to your suite. It is the first day of your adventure, away from home. You feel empowered, free and enthusiastic. An entire week to yourself, it has been a while.

You pass the spacious lobby, smell the wonderful scents and pass by beautiful small fountains that are echoing as music through the environment. It gives a calming feeling. The exceptional furniture invites you to sit down and enjoy a moment of happiness. Everything in this room speaks to your mind, down to the smallest detail. You take a deep breath and analyze the delicious scent. Fresh soft notes fill your nose and enlighten you.

Scents to embrace forever
Just when you realize that you have a whole week of ‘ me time ‘ ahead, you arrive at your suite. Curious about what the place behind the door will offer you in the coming days. The doors open to your private residence and just as you expected, again, a wonderful fragrance falls over you like a soft blanket. A fragrance that you want to embrace forever and carry with you to never forget.

The secret behind hotel scents: Cold air nebulizing scent systems
More often, luxury hotels use nebulizing (cold-air) aroma diffusers to create a perfect scent experience in the environment. Cold air aroma diffusers are innovative scent diffusers that feature a patented technology called 'nebulizing cold air diffusion. Their function is to scent a room in the most effective and sustainable way.

How do they do it?
These kinds of diffusers divide the scent throughout the space either via the HVAC system or via a stand-alone diffuser. They run on timers and distribute scent during several moments of the day. The cold air technology allows these hotels to refill the diffuser only a few times a year, which makes the diffuser fit for business as usual.

Only a very small amount of pure scent oil is consistently pressed under high pressure, cold, dry, and 100% pure in ultrafine particles for a few seconds only. The result? An even, and balanced fragrance experience.These cold air nebulizing diffusers are not to be confused with the ultrasonic diffuser, where both water and fragrance oil must be added. Ultrasonic diffusers have a completely different effect, mainly diffusing around the device in a heavy wet cloud. The ultrasone diffuser works by means of a vibrating plate and mainly serves as a humidifier.

Where to get such products for your home
If you want a scent experience in your home such as the experience you've had in one of those luxury hotels, then use the cold air nebulizing diffusers, diffusers without water. You can recognise the cold air diffuser by the specifications, which must indicate that only fragrance oil is added and by no means any water. 

Explore all cold air diffuser options here and let Aemster surprise you with an innovative and wonderful scent solution for your home.

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